Wellington Aero Club Homes for Sale

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Wellington Aero Club Homes for Sale

Wellington Aero Club FD38 is an enclave of “aviation hanger homes” located in Wellington Florida and was built with aviation enthusiasts in mind and now equestrian lovers.  In 2016, the Club amended their documents to allow larger private jets.  Wellington Aero Club is now a destination for equestrian lovers and private jet owners.  SPECIAL FINANCING for HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS

Homes with Runways for Sale ~ download complete listings of Wellington Aero Club Homes for Sale:

New Wellington Aero Club Private Jet restrictions:

  • jets and turbo prop~12,500 pounds or less + Stage 3 or quieter + jet has to be able to take off and/or land on 4,000 feet of runway

Homes for sale with runways:

  • Due diligence includes: physical property, hanger, soil continents, and septic & well.

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Tony L. Smith, PA (Broker Associate)+LCAM  only interest is you.   We represent you, the homebuyer.  Tony has earned and maintains the ABR designation awarded by the National Association of Realtors (Realtors).   Tony provides complimentary “home buyer” consultations for all the Wellington communities.   Tony can be reached at 954-282-1814 or via email: tonysmithflorida@yahoo.com

Buyer’s Agent Wellington Florida

Why homebuyers should work with a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent in Wellington’s highly competitive seller’s real estate market.  Tony L. Smith PA is a licensed Florida Broker Associate and exclusive buyer’s agent with Homebuyer Advisors LLC, representing home buyers in the Greater Wellington area.   Tony advocates and represents homebuyers who are not familiar with the local Broward County real estate market, and he has earned and maintains the Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR®) NAR designation.  Tony has recently become a member designee of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, and he is focused on providing fiduciary real estate representation to Ultra High Net Worth individuals. #UHNW

Wellington Florida Homes for Sale:  

The highly competitive seller’s market in Wellington not only requires the experience of a seasoned Seller’s Representative or commonly known as the “listing agent”; it requires the expertise and training of an ABR® trained real estate professional to represent the homebuyer.  Wellington Aero Club homes for sale are listed by professionally trained listing agents who utilize property data analytics, community algorithms and other forms of real estate artificial intelligence.  This new form of real estate artificial intelligence is to the advantage of the seller going through the marketing and sale of their home.

A professionally trained exclusive buyer’s agent who maintains the ABR® designation is the perfect antidote to counterbalance the listing agent and real estate artificial intelligence.   Tony, as a trained ABR® and broker associate, is employing his own real estate analytics while representing homebuyers in Wellington. Tony has recently learned the importance of flood zones in Palm Beach County, Florida.  Armed with flood zone data, Tony is able to educate home buyers on where to focus their home search. Wellington is a highly competitive home buying market that requires a savvy exclusive buyer’s agent (ABR®) to have already reviewed the home’s permit history.  Homebuyers should always compare the permit history to the physical property.

Secret Hidden Value in Wellington Homes:

A buyer’s agent can also educate a Wellington home buyer about the importance of wind mitigation and impact windows and doors to earn insurance discounts.   While representing homebuyers in Wellington, Tony is always looking for the hidden value in a property.  Tony frequently educates homebuyers on the Florida real estate contract and offer process.   Homebuyers can use the contract and offer process to communicate directly with the seller.

What Every Florida Realtor Fears a Consumer Will Ask:

The real estate industry is changing rapidly and even more so in Wellington’s.  Seller’s and homebuyers should demand more from the Florida real estate profession.  Savvy home seller’s seeking a top-notch listing agent should request a copy of the listing agent’s “DBPR profile.”   Most Florida Realtors highlight their sales volume to impress the seller.  The agent “DBPR profile” will educate the seller on how current and educated the listing agent is.   Florida real estate license law only requires agents to take 14-course hours biennially to maintain their license.  Using artificial intelligence in real estate transactions has only become mainstream within the last 2-years.

Wellington Aero Club homes for sale and homebuyers looking for homes for sale in Wellington should look for a real estate professional with the ABR® designation.   An agent with the ABR® designation will advise a homebuyer by analyzing all the same real estate artificial intelligence a Seller’s Representative will have employed.   The home buyer’s agent is responsible for coordinating a real estate transaction where you know that a trained real estate professional has the back of the homebuyer in today’s modern-day of real estate artificial intelligence.  Tony has successfully relocated consumers from New York, Boston, and Arizona to South Florida utilizing his ABR® designation and training. Tony, as an exclusive buyer’s agent, is presently working with a luxury townhome buyer in Victoria Park, who recently relocated from Connecticut.

About Tony L. Smith, PA (Broker Associate)

Tony is a Fort Lauderdale based exclusive buyer’s agent (ABR®) at HomeBuyer Advisors LLC with years of experience. He has been advising home buyers in real estate transactions in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area as a real estate broker associate.


Tony L. Smith, PA – ABR®, Florida Broker Associate, LCAM & Notary

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Tel/Text:  (954) 282-1814 |https://www.tonysmithflorida.com/about-me |

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