Best Place to Live in Argentina

Living in Mendoza Argentina

In 2020, Mendoza Argentina real estate warrants consideration for Airbnb investment properties and vacation home investments.  While the United States is saturated with profitable real estate investments Mendoza Argentina affords new opportunities to rediscover an old way of doing business, and nowhere else in 2020, will you find vineyard real estate comparable to Napa Valley starting at $299,900 USD.  Join International real estate agent, Tony Smith in discovering Mendoza Argentina real estate in 2020.


Argentina is ready for business in 2020 and welcomes foreign investments in many sectors including real estate by foreign investment.  Real estate investments are governed by the Foreign Investment Act, which allows foreign investors to have the same rights and obligations as do domestic investors.  No local partner is required for participation in real estate economic activity where Argentina pristine real estate offers one of the best places to live in Argentina, Mendoza. 

Living in Mendoza Argentina

Living in Mendoza Argentina offers a number of strong industries, most notably agriculture (soy, cattle, and wine), as well as vineyard real estate and cultural exposure to Mendoza Argentina ancient ruins.    Argentina President, Mauricio Macri is a strong proponent of business-friendly platforms, and billions of dollars in foreign investments have entered the country in various industries and for those who are looking for countries in the path of progress, the potential for profits in Argentina is tremendous.

Join our Mendoza Argentina Real Estate Discovery Tour in 2020:  Discover why Mendoza real estate offers one the best places for military retirees to live.

Vineyard real estate

La Morada Guesthouse or La morada de los Andes, a vineyard real estate in Argentina there are several visa possibilities for those looking to retire in Argentina. There is a temporary one-year residency visa which can be renewed annually, and after several years can be converted to a long-term visa which can lead to citizenship. There is also a visa for pension drawing retirees as well as a visa option for those seeking early retirement, but not yet collecting a pension.

Cost of Living in Mendoza Argentina

Argentina’s low cost of living and European heritage make the prospect of living in South America, even more, inviting in 2020 than many other Latin American countries. American expats can live very comfortably on $1,500 per month or $800-$1,000 USD for an individual. Argentina has a well developed national health system which is accessible by foreigners.

Direct flights from Miami to Cordoba Argentina

If you accumulate American Airlines miles, as I do, the new Miami to Cordoba flight AA223 (Miami-Cordoba), you will accumulate 8,138 miles roundtrip.  The Miami to Cordoba flight is an overnight flight with an 8:22 a.m. arrival in Cordoba Argentina.   The American Airlines Cordoba return flights depart in the morning at 9:52 a.m. and arrives early in the evening in Miami the next day.  The direct flights from Miami to Cordoba Argentina will operate four times a week, with the return flights on Wednesday, Friday, Sundays, and Monday.  While in the Cordoba area learn more about vineyard homes for sale in Mendoza Argentina.

  • Miami to Cordoba flight: AA223
  • Miami Departure time:  10:45 p.m.
  • Arrival 8:22 a.m. next day
  • Cordoba to Miami Flight:  AA223
  • Cordoba Departure time:  9:52 a.m.
  • Arrival 5:55 p.m.

Returning flights on Wednesday, Friday, Sundays and Monday

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