H1-B to EB-5 US Visa to Green Card

H1-B to EB-5 US Visa to Green Card

The H1-B to EB-5 visa will be discussed by Tony L. Smith, PA at the IREX India real estate exhibition.  The H1-B visa allows foreign nationals working in the US to work under one employer.  With recent changes under the Trump Administration, foreign nationals living and working in the United States are eligible to convert your H-1B visa to an EB-5 and gain a green card in approximately 24 months.   DEADLINE EXTENDED to DECEMBER 7, 2018.

EB5 approved project Miami
EB5 approved project Miami

 Tony L. Smith, PA advises foreign nationals about purchasing in EB-5 approved projects in the Greater Fort Lauderdale.

Typically, an H-1B Visa puts restrictions on your career path and limits your spouse’s ability to work.   Given recent US politics and the governments changing immigration policies, an H-1B Visa holder is at risk of losing eligibility.

If you have an H-1B and you are considering an EB-5 approved project, consult with Tony L. Smith, PA regarding your investment.  Tony can be reached at 954-282-1814.

The EB-5 Program in Greater Lauderdale

By obtaining permanent residency through the EB-5 program, you can put your H-1B concerns behind you.   Contact Tony L. Smith, PA and learn how you can stay in the US and work anywhere.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Problems with H-1B and EB-2/3
  • EB-1 and EB-5 as alternative options
  • EB-5: advantages, requirements, and procedure
  • Direct vs. regional center investments
  • Source of funds
  • Due diligence and choosing the right project
  • EB-5 for developers and investing in your own project