South Florida Luxury Home Auctions

South Florida Luxury Home Auctions

Tony L. Smith, PA (Broker Associate)+LCAM  only interest is you.   We represent you, the luxury auction buyer.  Tony has earned and maintains the ABR designation awarded by the National Association of Realtors (Realtors).   Tony provides complimentary “home buyer” consultations for all the Fort Lauderdale communities.   Tony can be reached at 954-282-1814 or via email:

Luxury Buyer’s Agent Fort Lauderdale Florida

Here’s how luxury real estate auctions usually work: There are several weeks of open houses, during which a prospective buyer can order a home inspection and ponder his or her maximum bid. The auction itself lasts somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes. When it’s done, that’s it: You offer the highest bid, you win. Up to two months later, pack up your Van Gogh and move in. You pay the auctioneer’s premium of 10%; your agent gets the commission from that.

There are different kinds of auctions, from absolute (no reserve—the property goes to the highest bidder, period) to minimum bid (no starting at $50, folks) to reserve (think eBay—if you don’t get the minimum price you wanted, you don’t have to sell).

Why homebuyers should work with a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent in Fort Lauderdale’s highly competitive seller’s real estate market.  Tony L. Smith PA is a licensed Florida Broker Associate and exclusive buyer’s agent with Homebuyer Advisors LLC, representing homebuyers in the Greater Fort Lauderdale areas.   Tony advocates and represents homebuyers who are not familiar with the local Broward County real estate market, and he has earned and maintains the Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR®) NAR designation.  Tony has recently become a member designee of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, and he is focused on providing fiduciary real estate representation to Ultra High Net Worth individuals. #UHNW

TLS brings together buyers and sellers together in a smooth, swift, and transparent transaction.   Tony offers luxury homebuyers unparalleled customer service through the luxury homebuying process.  Utilize the services of an ABR and confidence when your luxury home might sell.  Owning a luxury home has carrying costs and it’s my job to minimize the costs.



Fort Lauderdale luxury homebuyer agent Tony L Smith announces a modern alternative to selling and buying luxury real estate in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area.


Fort Lauderdale broker associate and buyer’s agent, Tony L Smith PA is announcing to luxury home sellers the ability to market and sell their homes utilizing an Accelerated Marketing Program and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  Tony is a member designee of the The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing and he has been trained to offer this alternative to home sellers and buyers in Fort Lauderdale’s luxury real estate market.


Tony is bringing to Fort Lauderdale luxury home sellers and luxury home buyers the ability to market and sell luxury properties utilizing the MLS and an Accelerated Marketing Program.  Luxury home sellers will benefit from the MLS marketing exposure while Tony also coordinates an accelerated marketing program to facilitate a professional real estate experience for the seller and buyer.    


Tony says “Fort Lauderdale’s luxury real estate market is changing rapidly and catching up to countries such as Australia.  In Australia, 40% of all luxury real estate transactions are completed through the luxury home auction process without any stigma.”  


Fort Lauderdale luxury home sellers not wishing to go through the public marketing process utilized by traditional open houses  can now opt for the strategic accelerated marketing program where only pre-qualified buyers are entering the home. Presently, in the Fort Lauderdale area there are more than 1,500 luxury single-family homes are on the market.    It’s advantageous to Fort Lauderdale luxury home sellers to benefit from the aggressive marketing techniques and attracting qualified buyers worldwide. Ideal properties for a luxury real estate auction are unique, vacant or difficult to appraise.  Through Tony’s professional advice he will advise sellers on the high carrying costs of owning a luxury property and how to ensure a successful closing.


Fort Lauderdale luxury home sellers  and home buyers located worldwide will enjoy the benefits of a preferred auction date.  To maintain selling leverage, sellers can select to publish or non-publish reserves. As a broker associate, Tony is licensed to provide the seller a broker price opinion (BPO) thereby removing a seller’s anxiety of knowing what their home might sell for and when.  The accelerated marketing program process is designed to bring together sellers and qualified homebuyers in a smooth, swift and transparent transaction from anywhere in the world.   Tony has been professionally trained to handle the luxury home selling process from auction to closing in Florida as a Real Estate Negotiation Expert (Certified).   He is also an experienced homebuyer’s agent which allows him to represent luxury homebuyers at auction.   Tony’s expertise as a buyer’s agent will enable him to advise luxury homebuyers regarding any due diligence required and to coordinate the appropriate vendors.   Luxury homebuyers searching for a home in Fort Lauderdale will appreciate knowing when a property will be acquired.


About Tony L. Smith, PA (Broker Associate)

Tony is a Fort Lauderdale based exclusive luxury buyers agent with the ABR® designation at Homebuyer Advisors LLC with several years of experience. He has been advising luxury homebuyers in real estate transactions in the Fort Lauderdale area as a real estate broker associate.


Tony L. Smith, PA – ABR®, Florida Broker Associate, LCAM & Notary

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